Uni Stuff


Well, this is were I will try to tell you all about my journey, back to education and beyond 🙂

Update: 29th December 2011

I have now completed my first term as a fresher at UKC.  It has been a great experience so far and promises to get even better.  More to follow soon…

Update: 28th June 2011

Well, college is over, bar the shouting. I have passed, with 60 distinctions no less 🙂 I am really happy about that. Now it is a 8 – 9 week wait till uni starts. Can’t wait to hear from Kent Uni confirming my place. I’ll let you know what happens. 🙂

Update: 19th March, 2011
I have now heard from Kent and received a conditional offer. 🙂 It is all good. I have also withdrawn from Sussex as I haven’t heard from them yet and I am impatient, also, I have really made my choice.

University of Kent: Firm Choice
University of Essex: Insurance Choice

Now all I need to do is pass the Access course (just pass for Kent or with Merits for Essex, having already received enough distinctions) and I am into Uni in September/October. I can’t wait. Exciting times 🙂

I’ll start by telling you where I am now, where I have applied to and then which Uni I have decided to go to (of the ones that offer me a place of course)

I am at West Kent College at the moment (I have no intention of using its new name!!) Great fun. Good people, great lecturers!

I have applied to: University of Kent | University of Essex | Universities of Surrey, Sussex and Southampton.

I have applied to Uni to take a course in Economics. (I will soon post a page devoted to the subject. It is really interesting, love it) To all but one Uni I applied for BSc Economics, and for one, BSc International Economics. Responses as follows:

Kent:    Conditional
Essex:  Conditional 😀
Surrey:  Rejection
Sussex:  Withdrawn by me
Southampton: Rejection (apparently I don’t have the qualifications, even though thats why I am doing the Access course… Bloody Silly!!)


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